Adult Gymnastics

Adult Gymnastics

Yes, adults can do it too.

Tuesday & Thursday Nights 7:30 | Ages 18+

Gymnastics is a wonderful way to improve personal fitness, no matter your age. It focuses on strength, coordination, and body-awareness, which are key focuses in life-long fitness goals. There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to achieve in gymnastics. 

Lots of people think that gymnastics isn’t something that an adult can try, but you can, and you can accomplish big time. Our adult class has mastered skills like the back-handspring and back tuck!

We encourage you to drop in to adult gymnastics. The small class is run by a professional gymnastics trainer who will evaluate your fitness level and help you to accomplish more and move forward in gymnastics. 

You can stop by for one class, or sign up for regular classes. 

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