Extra Programs

Extra Programs: For Our Go-Getters

Our Extra Programs are built specifically for our most motivated gymnasts looking to advance and enhance their skills. These programs are for passionate students who love gymnastics and want to improve themselves by putting in the extra effort. They are for our go-getters.

Open WorkOut

As your child is developing more and more strength and skills, it is important to upgrade their workouts accordingly. It is also very important to do so in a safe environment, which is just what Open WorkOut is made for. 

Open WorkOut is an hour-long period where your child has the freedom to work on whatever they choose. There is a supervising coach to help with spotting or recommend exercises or drills, so all your child needs is personal motivation to make this hour count. We applaud gymnasts who go the extra mile to improve themselves, and want to make that as easy as possible. 

We recommend your child experiment with Open WorkOut throughout the session based on their skill level to practice skills or reach personal goals, especially if they are particularly passionate about gymnastics.

 We hold open gym during weeknights throughout the year. You can sign up for individual Open WorkOut dates here, or purchase a package and come in whenever it best fits your schedule throughout the session. 

Open Workout Packages:

Butterfly Package: 5 Open WorkOuts / $75 

Super-Split Package: 14 Open WorkOuts / $189 (That’s a 10% Discount!)

Scorpion Package: 25 Open WorkOuts / $318 (That’s a 15% Discount!)

TOPs: Talent Opportunity Program.

TOPs, or Talent Opportunity Program, is a new program built with our passionate students’ growth and learning process in mind. This program provides extra conditioning for our students’ strength, flexibility, and technical foundation for all ages. 

Through a series of circuit-based exercises and fitness games, this training will create a foundation for our students so they can safely challenge themselves and achieve their goals faster in gymnastics. We believe a strong foundation builds strong gymnasts, and this program was created to cater to that philosophy. 

TOPs Program will be held once/week throughout the session, first class dates are TBD.  

Single-Skill BootCamp

Single-Skill BootCamps are a new learning clinic for our gymnasts that hone in on the finer points of a single particular skill. These classes will provide an intense developmental growth and an opportunity to achieve goals more quickly and with more precision. 

Each bootcamp will focus on a different skill for the entirety of class, such as back-handspring or front walkover. Our goal is to have our students leave each bootcamp with a better understanding of the skill’s nature, and being (at least) one step closer to achieving it!

Check in for upcoming Single Skill BootCamps here. 

Single-Skill BootCamps will run twice/session and there is limited space.

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