Preschool Gymnastics


Ages 3 – Walking | 45 minutes

In Energy’s adult-participation classes, your child will jump, climb, crawl their way through obstacle courses, enjoy exploration time, socialize with other children and a coach, all while learning the basic fundamentals of gymnastics.

With a focus on gymnastics-based strength, balance, and coordination, you will see your child improve in their fine and gross motor skills in and out of the gym. Using calculated risk-taking opportunities, your child will have opportunities to succeed at exciting challenges! Gymnastics class becomes that special time with you to tumble on the floor, swing on the bars, balance on the beams, vault over blocks, and jump on the trampoline!

Tots classes at Energy are a great way to have fun with your little one while promoting the importance of health and fitness, and providing opportunities to really grow their self-confidence at such a key time in their development.


Ages 3 – 4 | 45 minutes

This beginner program focuses on movement education and creative expression through the introduction of gymnastics skills and games. In this class we use modified gymnastics apparatus especially designed for preschoolers to teach gymnastics in a fun, playful manner.

For children of this age, we make self-confidence and independence a key part of the gymnastics experience. For many of your little ones, E-tumblers will be the first class they take all by themselves. We use this opportunity to nurture your child’s growth physically, mentally, and emotionally, and give them a sense of accomplishment they attribute to their own hard work. 


Ages 3 – 4 | 1 Hour

Our beginner kids program is designed to introduce gymnastics in a fun and achievable way. This program will build base skills that our students will later build on, while developing a sense of self-confidence and body awareness. 

Our beginner program focuses on strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility, along with a strong mindset and work ethic. 

The kids will be guided through exercises on the floor, balance beams, trampolines, uneven bars, vault, foam pit, and ropes, giving them a well-rounded start to gymnastics.

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