COVID19 Update:

Energy will remain closed until January 1st or until there is a vaccine in place.

As we looked to re-open September we asked folks to let us know how they were feeling about returning. The response was clear that many folks are still concerned and were reluctant to sign up for classes.

How can you help?

You can help Energy by signing up today for our re-opening in January. By signing up it allows us to understand how folks are feeling and what our enrollment will look like.

By enrolling, you are not committing but only letting us know that you are comfortable re-engaging in classes. If for any reason you choose not to remain enrolled, there is no deposit, we will not charge you until the first week of classes, you have the first four classes to unenroll with a full refund (less the classes you attended) and we have switch to a monthly billing system so even after the first four classes, there’s an easy way to unenroll.

Enroll today with NO RISK ENROLLMENT.

  • NO deposit
  • NO cancelation fees
  • NO Payments until the first week of classes
  • Month to Month commitment

Hold your spot today by emailing frontdesknewton@energyfitnessgym.com or call 617-795-7177

With ever growing concern about the Coronavirus, Energy is taking action to create a safe environment for our community, clients and your kids. Follow the link to see what Energy is doing:

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